Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kirchhoff Menu & Activities: Week of September 1, 2014 {PATIENCE Week...Again}

Kirchhoff Menu & Activities
Week of September 1, 2014

Labor Day - no school or work!!!

day @ Oma’s

girls to school | Addie dance class | Cto5K | girls’ craft area

Kids of Integrity (Patience)
play date? | detangle Barbie hair | clean windows/doors

Presley dance class
girls to school | Addie soccer | Cto5K | my craft area

parent education night 
pom pom counting sheets | no mess marble painting
organize/decorate Presley’s room

swim party
church | Kiwicrate
B: cereal


D: out (Houlahan’s coupon)
B: oatmeal

L: ham sandwich | cucumber slices | gold fish

S: fruit snacks & hummus/crackers

D: spaghetti | salad
B: egg sandwiches

L: sesame sausages | apple slaw | gold fish 

S: bagel bites

D: Korean BBQ | edamame | glass noodles
B: cereal

L: ham roll-ups | cup of oranges | goldfish

S: popsicles

D: Asian grilled salmon | rice | green beans
B: egg sandwiches

L: ham roll-ups | cup of oranges | goldfish

S: ice cream

D: homemade pizza
B: blueberry waffles | bacon


D: @ swim party (bring French onion dip)
B: donuts


D: Houlihan’s

Yesterday was a perfect Labor Day. Swimming. Ribs. Deviled Eggs. And nothing on the agenda. All Labor Days should be like that.

This week, we're going to attempt a sharper focus on Patience, our fruit of the Spirit for the week. While last week - the first week of school - helped us exercise some practice in that area, we didn't focus on the spiritual perspective of it. For this, I'm using the Kids of Integrity (link on Tuesday activities above) website, which is fabulous. Their plan is a little more in-depth than my 2 and 5 year old can go right now, but we'll be at least talking about it, reminding each other to be patient with one another (because that shows love), and completing some the appropriate hands on activities, like the Patience Jar. 

Btw, I thought I'd mention a $5 little book I've been using for making school lunches. I bought it from Kohl's a few years ago but have seen a version of it on Amazon. The recipes are simple to make, keeps lunch exciting, and my daughter likes about 80% of what's been produced from it. I let her go through the book and mark the recipes that sounded good to her, and those are the ones we've been trying first.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Party {for a grown man}

My husband's birthday always falls on a weird time of year. This year it was the 2nd day of school. Poor thing gets looked over often because of the timing. But my oldest and I decided that this year, Dad needed a proper birthday party. I let her choose the theme, and she knows all the boys are loving TMNT these days. I only have daughters, so I ran with it! In 48 hours and Pinterest, this is what we came up with.

He drove up to this 5 foot sign. A bunch of turtles taped to my garage would make me happy! Hope it did the same for him.
Happy crepe paper window.
The 2 year old help paint the paper plate turtles
Head not to scale! :)
Balloons! That rebellious Raphael wouldn't face the same way as the others.
But he eventually finds a way to be a team player.
Steamers to walk through when he gets home. TMNT posters. Foam swords for being ninjas. Masks made from tshirts. And - of course - princess and Hello Kitty Thermoses.

Apple & grape turtles
Happy that she was assigned the purple mask.
Sewer Ooze (water, food coloring, and limes). We also had cheese pizza....Obviously. 

He likes puddings over cakes, so it only seemed natural that dirt pudding and worms was the way to go. You know...the sewer and all...

It was relaxing planning a no-pressure birthday party and teaching the oldest how to use Pinterest as a tool. It was also education for her to see that projects don't have to be exactly how you see them online but can be just an interpretation what you see...And that's okay! And I learned that planning a boy birthday is just as much fun as planning a girl one. Cowabunga!