Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Pancakes

A new Halloween tradition for us are these Orange Pumpkin Pancakes With Black Cinnamon Syrup that I found on NotMartha Blog. I just wish I had purchased one of those plastic condiment squirt bottles so I could do stuff like this: 
image from - more pancake designs on her site

These pancakes were super moist and fluffy, and the cinnamon syrup was unexpectedly yummy. Husband said he thought they should be sweeter but then amended his statement after a few more bites. (He's just used to that sugary syrup he normally eats with frozen waffles.) Picky Presley ate two and a half! 

The syrup really does get thick enough to make designs on the pancake, which kids would LOVE. You could also do this for Thanksgiving and just leave out the black food coloring for the syrup. (Speaking of black food coloring, I went to four grocery stores before I finally found it at *sigh* Wal-Mart. Call your grocery store first.)

Kind of looks like oil

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