Thursday, December 23, 2010

Recipe Review: 3-Cheese Bacon-Apple-Bella Frittata

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Hungry Girl did it again. I love quiches & frittatas, but they are normally either high-fat, high-cholesterol, or high-calorie (or all three!). The premise of the Hungry Girl website is taking your favorite eats and tweaking the recipes to make them a healthier and/or more nutritious.

In this 3-Cheese Bacon-Apple-Bella Frittata, she does just that. Except I'm not as fabulous as Hungry Girl, so I still used real eggs (6 of them) & regular bacon but ONLY because that's what I already had at home and didn't want to go the grocery store. I don't think subbing these things like the recipe suggests would change the taste much at all.

My favorite thing about this recipe is...Well, there are two favorite things. 1.) The tiny little pieces of apple: I've had frittatas with mushrooms, bacon, etc. but never thought to put something sweet in there. The apple was a perfect compliment to the bacon. Mmmmm... 2.) The fact that this was FAST to make. Usually frittatas take forever for the eggs to set, but these set on the stove and under the broiler for for a few minutes. From start to finish, this recipe took me 15 minutes or less. Awesome!

Here's the link to the recipe again.
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