Friday, December 3, 2010

Recipe Review: Fettucini Carbornara With Roasted Tomatoes

Holy comfort food! This classic pasta dish from Our Life In the Kitchen totally hits the mark. Pasta. Garlic. Cream. Cheese. The fresh punch of roasted tomato. I could pretty much just list the ingredients here and sell you on it, which is why I chose to make this recipe in the first place.

Here's why you should try it: It's easy. It's affordable (minus the pancetta element, but that's one of the ingredients that makes this recipe elegant & indulgent). It feeds a family. Good for weeknights or entertaining. Your family will be hovering around you at the stove waiting for you to hurry up and say, "Dinner's ready!" because they've been salivating in response to the smell for several minutes. Okay, well possibly not the last part, but my little family sure was. They dug in so quickly (, too) that I did not have time to take a photo. Probably for the best and my photos are getting worse and worse. So instead I'm including a photo from the original posted recipe:

Here's the only teeny-tiny flaw: It's almost - I repeat almost - too salty. Between the cup of parmesan and the pancetta, it was hovering at the borderline of saltiness. I wouldn't want to use less cheese but maybe combine the parm with something else... I dunno. We still ate it up & agreed it was a super, do-again recipe, so maybe this part isn't even worth mentioning. But we mentioned it, so I thought I'd just put it out there.

It's totally worth just viewing the recipe as well. Karen, the author of the blog (and chef & photographer), included beautiful photos like this one:

Who knew tomatoes falling into a pan could be so pretty? I guess Karen did. 

Here's the recipe again. She includes easy step-by-step directions, so you really can't mess this up.

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