Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Treats & New Ingredients

I know it's a bit late to plan your Valentine's treats, but perhaps you can just mark this for future reference (maybe try out a Pinterest board for this purpose???).

Our Hip Mama play group had a Valentine's Play Date this morning. I so wish I had my camera to take pictures of the adorable felt decor my friend had up. Hearts + Felt = Sweet Whimsy!

In addition to our Valentine's, we brought snacks to share. I went with mini heart pies and rice crispy treats with a twist. The mini heart pies were inspired by these Sweetie Pie Pops. I just didn't turn these into pops and didn't make my own pie crust. At about 1.5", I thought they were adorable. (Btw, these gals have out a new cookbook...Can't wait to get it!)

For the rice crispy treats, I made them like normal but also added dark chocolate Valentine-colored M & M's. I was inspired by this post from Chasing Cheerios. She used Cheerios instead of rice crispies, which sounded kind of cool. I'll try that next time. Oh, and I didn't have a large metal heart cookie cutter, so I just went with squares.

Next Topic...Contrary to what this post demonstrates, we are making a real effort to eat more nutritiously. But in this lil' town, there aren't a lot of fabulous alternatives in the grocery store, so I had to hit up for some basic vegan ingredients. (No, we're not going strictly vegan, but I have found some cool vegan blogs with recipes I'd like to try.) So here's what the man in brown brought to my doorstep today:

I have used quinoa before, but they don't sell it where we live now. It's an edible seed but cooks and tastes like a grain (think barely). Here's a good link to describe it. Nutritional yeast flakes freak me out a bit, but apparently it's supposed to take the place of cheese in some recipes. That has yet to be determined in this house. Chia seeds??? I read to think of them as a healthier sesame seed. I'm using them as a topping to a homemade breakfast bar this week. I seriously thought these were just for growing hedgehogs and hair plants. And spelt flour is another I've used before but isn't sold here.  It's a lot like whole grain wheat flour but with more nutrients.

Can't wait to show you what I make with this exciting new stuff!
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