Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Heart Shamrocks, Rainbow Gold Baskets, & Play Date

Yes, I realize posting about this now doesn't help you at all since St. Patrick's Day was today, but just add it to your Pinterest board for ideas for next year.

I've already talked about the St. Patty's Tablescape, the Rainbow Felt Garland, and the Kiss Me I'm Irish Painting. Here are the other two decor projects I finished just in time for the big St. Patrick's Play Date at my house today from which I am extremely pooped.

The first is this I *heart* Shamrocks banner from My Computer Is My Canvas's Etsy shop.

The listing actually came with the entire alphabet and several different St. Patrick's Day themed clip art like a rainbow, leprechaun, etc. So the decorating possibilities are many with this listing. 

I ended up putting a painted wooden shamrock from Hobby Lobby in that blank space above the banner.

Instead of wasting ink at my house, I spent $10 and had the sign printed on white cardstock at Staples. I need to do that more often.

The second project was the rainbow baskets full of "gold." I saw several versions of this in the past month on various blogs, but the first I saw was from Make and Takes blog.

I loved the idea of letting kids paint their own pot like in the Make and Takes tutorial, but these kids were 2 and 3. Yikes! I just used mini baskets from Michael's that were two for a dollar! Couldn't beat that. (If I could, please don't tell me about it because I'll just have regrets.)

I used hot glue and white pipe cleaners cut in half on the ends of the rainbow to attach it to the basket handles. Then I stuffed the bottom of the basket with green tissue paper and filled it with Rolos. Any gold wrapped candy would do.

10 baskets in all their glory. Oh, and those are just glitter shamrock stickers that were 60% off!

And finally, some shots from the play date. There were 14 kiddos there, I think. I lost count in the blur.

Lime-Pineapple Punch: I put only half the amount of carbonated drink in there. Moms could choose to either add champagne (what a hard life!) or more key lime soda. I took lots of pics of the fun themed food that the moms brought with a random camera that was laying around. Hope the mom will post them on FB.

Lil' Lady Leprechauns
Lil' Man Leprechaun

The big girls all decked out

Sugar Rush

Handsome Leprechaun

Sweet Girls

Animated Leprechaun


Too much champagne in your punch, Mom? (Just kidding...Only 1/2 a bottle was gone after 4 hours and  9 or 10 mommies. We talk a big game.)

The Littlest Leprechaun and His Mom 

2 year olds learning to share

tablescape being used & abused

Sweetest moment of the day...These two babies fell fast asleep

My Beautiful Lil' Leprechaun and her ruffled too short dress

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