Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Photos and Outfits

Before adding to our family, I wanted to capture our small little unit as it is. So back in June we had family photos taken on a hot day at a local ranch. 

 It was a nice venue and yielded some sweet shots.

You many recognize the fabric used for our outfits from this post about my sister's bridal shower. They used to be tablecloths.

I followed this tutorial from The Purl Bee for my husband's tie and used quilting fabric so to coordinate with our dresses. It was stiff andt not a really "usable" for work but looked good in the photos. If doing it w/ cotton material, leave out the interfacing that the tutorial calls for. Otherwise it'll be stiff and thick to tie. Plus, now it makes a good head scarf.

Isn't she gorgeous? I made her! Well, her dad and God had a little something to do with it, but still...

So in love....

For my dress, I used the Sis Boom Jaime Dress pattern. (Yes, I actually paid for a pattern.) I think if I were to make this dress again, I'd mix and match sizes, choosing a smaller size for my small shoulders and sticking with the larger size for my mid-section and hips. I think the pattern was easy but got tripped up around page 11 and 14. Most impressive is that I learned to sew a side zipper.

I was inspired by this dress on Crafterhours for little P's outfit, but I used Prudent Baby's Pillowcase Dress Tutorial to actually make it (just adding the inspired ruffles on the bottom).

Photos were taken in Forney, TX by Allison with JAllisonAndrews Photography.
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