Monday, March 19, 2012

Carseat Redo: A Project I Never Want to Repeat

Miss P was a gender surprise, so I chose as close to "gender-neutral" as I could. It was fine at first until all of my girlfriends chose the same pattern for their boys. Started to get to me. When I found out #2 was a girl, redoing the car seat was one of the first projects that I knew I needed to complete.

I was inspired by this post at Make It and Love It to recover the car seat, but the idea of ripping apart all those seams seemed daunting. Perhaps now, though, I should have done it the way she suggested.

So here's what I tried.

I used this pattern from Etsy for the cover seat cover and canopy. (More on that in a sec.) And this post from Calico provided a guide to make the car seat blanket.

The blanket part was pretty simple to figure out, and I would make another one in a minute.

I was not so happy with the actual cover & canopy, however. The pattern was difficult to follow because the photos were a grainy black and white. It was also hard to figure out exactly where to cut the actual pattern piece. I had to read and re-read to make sure I had it right, so the project took a loooong time. I found myself avoiding it because it just wasn't enjoyable.

I would definitely consider myself an immediate sewer, which is who this pattern is geared towards, and making the cover wasn't hard in the end. But it was simply just irritating to follow the pattern instructions. I would suggest better pictures on the pattern, more of an explanation on where to cut (or not cut) the pattern pieces (especially the pleat triangle), and streamline the wording.

Even though the seam ripping in the my original inspiration seemed like an overwhelming task at first, I should have done it that way. It seems like it'd be more time-consuming but worth it in the end because it looks so much more tailored to my car seat. Plus the instructions were free.

Moving on...The main patterned fabric is part of the Enchino Fall 2011 collection called Forest Patchwork in Pink purchased from this Etsy shop. It was pricey but oh so worth it. I now understand the love affair people have with Enchino. Words can't describe what this looks like in person. So fun and random and whimsy and bright.

The Minky is Cuddle Dimple Dot in Opal from

And I think the fuzzy trim is this one from Hobby Lobby. That part on the canopy that looks like piping is just a random hot pink trim I had laying around.

My habit of imperfect cutting left my canopy kind of squished. (One side goes farther down on than the other, not allowing the canopy to open fully.) But the pretty blanket covers it up and provides enough shade - I hope -so I'm not too worried about it. And definitely not going to do it again.

I love the fabric, and with the blanket on top, it's not that bad. But I don't plan on doing this project again. I found custom-made ones on Etsy for less than I spent on fabric for this one. Would have been so worth it.

But Baby A will be comfy cozy, and hopefully no one will mistake her for a boy. Glad it's over!

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